FYI on the DJ's

Andy Firsich  

andyf_ohsrc.jpg (111316 bytes)      Supplying Double Platinum Productions with most of its stunning good looks and fresh dance moves, Andy Firsich is also the brains and technical guru behind this operation. Born October 8, 1982, also in Cincinnati, Firsich graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering in 2006 with a B.S. in Computer Engineering. Firsich is a proud Elder Panther of the Class of 2001. During
the summer, you can find Firsich most any day at the Oak Hills Swim Club, where he works as an assistant manager. Most of the time though, he�s just trying to fill the huge shoes left at the O.H.S.R.C. after Smith�s departure � although it�s a known fact that none of us will ever leave the swim club in spirit.

andyf_soc.jpg (121017 bytes)      When he�s not hard at work keeping Double Platinum�s CD library up to date or tweaking the equipment for the best possible sound quality, Firsich stays busy coaching soccer
His favorite types of music include country and rap (what a combo!). In his spare time, which is once in a blue moon, Firsich can be
found running through the woods to evade the oncoming enemy in a �friendly� game of paintball. In other words, security for your party is not an issue with this sharpshooter! He is also found around town in his new rig, a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 Quad Cab

Andy Firsich        Andy Smith